Mike Goodwin


Mike Goodwin is a refreshingly funny comedian, speaker, and leader. His signature bowtie is a nod to his expectation defying brand of comedy that leaves a variety of audiences from corporate events to swanky galas laughing hysterically and completely inspired, without a foul or vulgar word spoken. A native of Camden, South Carolina, Mike learned at an early age how to use laughter to pierce through tension and ease pain as a way to cope through difficult situations he faced as a child. As a result, he developed an affinity for comedy.

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April Diaz


April Diaz has been a visionary and challenger her whole life. She's the Founder of Ezer + CO, a global coaching company all about activating women to live + lead with wholeness, and Co-Founder of Praxis Coaching, a coaching certification company for leaders. April has coached over 1000 globally diverse leaders since 2013. She’s a speaker, author, and cheerleader for those on the fringe of culture, investing in historically marginalized people predominantly women and people of color.

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Kevin Stamper


Kevin Stamper is a speaking coach and story telling consultant. After being ranked as the best speaker in America and placing third in the world at the world championship of public speaking by Toastmasters International, he is a highly-sought strategist for politicians, executives, business, and ngos with the goal of leveraging his experience to elevate your story.


Dr. Jason Burns 


Jason Burns is the founder and CEO of Radiant Printing. They specialize in high quality printing, portable signage, direct mail, and design. To this day, the heart behind Radiant is to help pastors and church planters reach their cities, see their vision come to life, and to invest in new church plants. Jason completed his Doctorate degree at Southwestern University. He lives in Florida with his wife, Lis, and three children, Joey, Gavin, and Ella.

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Jason Raitz


Jason Raitz is the founder of Speak with People. He is a speaker who connects deeply with his audience through side splitting laughter and real-life-head-scratching stories. Jason has spoken from more than 500+ stages and to over 250,000 people in every venue imaginable. Jason launched Speak with People to elevate the importance of healthy communication in the lives of leaders and to create a movement to change the world with our words.


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Dennis Neel

Presenting when stakes are high

Dennis Neel is a leader and executive at a Fortune 500 Company. Dennis takes a unique, entrepreneurial approach in leading his teams while strategically building partnerships with customers and mentoring young talent. Dennis’s regular interactions with senior executives has allowed him to hone his skills in a high pressure environment. Earning his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Masters in Product Design and Development he has transitioned his technical prowess to business expertise. 

Caitlyn Neel

Becoming a Jedi in our communication

Caitlyn Neel is a certified life coach who empowers individuals to discover their passions, purpose, and giftings. She has vast communication experience as a published author, a videographer of feature films, and a speaker to audiences of all ages across the country. Caitlyn is passionate about instilling hope and truth into this generation through authenticity, inspiration, and empowerment.

Dennis Poulette

Using your screen as your stage

Dennis Poulette spent twelve years serving in Mexico City training youth workers to speak with and mentor to young people. During that time he began using video and media to communicate with leaders outside the classroom. Since then he and his wife started a media marketing agency and help businesses and leaders take steps forward in online marketing. He now uses what he has learned with video to market for other companies, non-profits he believes in, and his own real estate business.