11:00am | Check In Begins

1:00pm | Session #1 with Jason Raitz

2:15pm | Break

3:00pm | Session #2 with Kevin Stamper

4:15pm | Speaker Q&A

5:15pm | Ocean sunset

6:00pm | Lua party!



9:00am | Session #3 with April Diaz

10:15am | Break

11:00am | Session #4 with Mike Goodwin

12:00pm | Speaker Q&A

12:30pm | Lunch & Networking at the Park

2:00pm | Breakout #1

3:00pm | Break 

3:30pm | Session #5 with Jason Raitz



9:00am | Session #6 with Dr. Jason Burns

10:00am | Break 

10:30am | Breakout #2

11:30am | Breakout Q&A

12:00pm | Break for Lunch 

1:00pm | Session #7 with Jason Raitz


  • The Luau Party! Not only will we be partying on the Ocean, we will experience the Best Ocean Sunset EVER. Amazing food, drinks and live music. Bring your Hawaiian shirt!
  • Networking and Connecting. Amazing opportunities to rub shoulders with, get to know stories about and learn from other speakers and leaders. 
  • Speakers who Connect Deeply. Incredible keynote and breakout guest speakers who will challenge, inspire, and encourage you to become the kind of speaker who gets their audience to LEAN IN
  • The Beach. Literally the beach is steps behind the hotel. You can take a morning run or walk on the beach. You can drink your coffee while watching the ocean. 
  • The Jolly Trolly. No really, there is a beach shuttle service. You’re going to love it. 
  • Gorgeous Outdoor Activities. There is an amazing pool and hot tub. Plus, there are beach volleyball courts, pickleball and tennis courts and outdoor games. 
  • Come a day early or stay a day late and enjoy Clearwater. Clearwater Beach is fantastic and the hotel is located 35 minutes from three Spring Training Baseball sites.